Powerful Women

Women of Sports (Agency: Overflow)


Equal opportunity for women within sports is an important issue, not just because it is fair and right but also because it will inspire a new generation of women to have less barriers than their predecessors. Sports facilitate crucial life learning opportunities that are imperative to children’s development and directly correlate to success later in life.


We knew right off the bat that we wanted to avoid stereotypical feminine design decisions to combat the potential resistance to our core mission. With a launch date right around the corner, there wasn’t time to waste.


The need was clear—create a compelling visual structure that would help promote the inspirational stories of women advocating for women. The logo had to convey a sense of unity.


The brand reveal party was a smashing success, igniting excitement for the movement of women empowerment.

Partnered with Win for KC to tell stories of amazing women competing in the annual triathlon and duathlon.

Since the activation of the brand tool kit, WOS launched a website and initial batch of inspirational featured stories.