Can't Stop

Wingstop (Agency: Barkley)


Wingstop excels in modern crafted wings but was limited in their visual vocabulary for marketing efforts. Thus, they opened up the pitch process to evaluate innovation in their already cult like following.


The assignment: become a top 10 restaurant brand. Our business objective was to convert consideration of P3M usage from 49% to 59%. We would accomplish this through claiming credit for being the wing expert, gain legitimacy for wings as meals and creating a system of wings made easy.


Messy perfection was the ethos of what we were compelled to expand upon during the pitch presentation. Playing off the concept of our wants, we would lean on those impulsive cravings for the everyday.


Innovated the existing Wingstop brand with a unique visual toolkit that supported their target demographic and growth of market dominance.

Contributed design and activation through a small team at Barkley which ultimately was successful in retaining the large Wingstop account.

Completed the pitch deliverables in a tight timeline while supporting the strategy team in presenting a comprehensive and compelling case for their new marketing plan.