Sensational Kids



Pediatric therapy services are in high demand and PlayAbilities is uniquely qualified at fulfilling the needs of families through their array of services. Unlike conventional pediatric therapy, PlayAbilities adopts a family-first philosophy. The focus is to develop a partnership with the child and their parents to foster growth and success with each child.


While the demand for pediatric therapy services are on the rise, so too is the competition. From large-scale hospitals to mid-size independent operations, there is quite a lot to choose from thus making it more difficult to been heard amongst the noise.


Despite the increasing number of clinics, many are failing to market their businesses in a way that captivates their audience. While this category specifically caters their services towards children, design trend tends to become obnoxiously carefree and thus can convey a sense of unprofessionalism. We decided to present our marketing more concisely, while still having fun with the design mechanics.


Since the rebrand launch, PlayAbilities has opened a second clinic location to keep up with market demands.

The new identity system has served to accelerate brand awareness along with overall internal camaraderie.

Through the custom developed website that was built, sign up conversions have significantly increased.