Fitness Redefined

Move Right


Move Right—a superior alternative to traditional gyms—delivers a personalized health and fitness approach designed specific to each member. Their mission is to ensure that structural health corresponds with fitness to produce a strong and resilient body for a more active lifestyle. Fitness redefined.


The results of the Move Right formula are proven but require additional education in order to convert new prospective clients of the premium value proposition. While the membership packages are less than personal training they are more expensive compared to big-box gyms. Thus, the demographic that fits within the target audience is a highly specific group of people that requires effective targeting.


The initial evaluation revealed that a facelift of the existing brand would help ensure the clarity and continuity that surrounded the innovative training approach. A comprehensive redesign process of the brand identity, corresponding marketing materials and website relaunch ensured that the brand was ready for continued growth.


A flexible brand identity system that would continue to serve the marketing initiatives including a logo that told a conceptual story.

Through a multitude of meetings focusing on strategic planning with the team, we were able to better articulate the core pillars of their philosophy.

Putting the entire package to the test (including rigorous training), I helped participate in the beta Adventure Trip as documented below.