Pursuing Excellence

Hammerhand Coffee


Kansas City has quickly become a regional and national destination for coffee roasting and elevated cafe experiences. Newly minted into the fray is Hammerhand Coffee located in Liberty, North of downtown. Despite its history with gravity, Hammerhand was determined to succeed. Early needs included a robust brand, cafe signage and decor amongst a host of product offerings that would aid in building brand awareness.


While the competitive landscape helped pave the way for Hammerhand’s inception, it would also be a challenge in a city full of coffee talent. In addition, Liberty was welcoming a concept that had not yet been tested in that particular area. Despite the original building collapse, gravity wouldn’t hold them down for long.


The creative name certainly helped make the cafe stand out initially but it would also require the artistic approach to be equally as compelling. Through initial research, concept exploration and strategic planning, we landed on a triangular visual design system that was infused throughout the typography, iconography and subsequently logo lockups.


Going on three years strong and thousands of customers served.

Revived the downtown district in its commitment to its location in Liberty.

Brand awareness from nothing to solid customer loyalty and following.