Balanced Brews

Goat Patch Brewing Co.


Goat Patch Brewing Company, founded in Colorado Springs, was queued to launch and was in need of a brand package that would carry them well into the future. Throughout the research process of determining the correct course of action, we investigated a variety of visual styles that would serve the personality of the company which was centered around their core tribe. 


Colorado ranks 3rd nationally in craft breweries per capita so our work was cut out for ourselves to distinguish from the herd. Not only was there a need for developing our brand identity quickly in order to start promoting ahead of the brewery launch but the manufacturing of the facilities also proved to be a significant hurdle (housed in a reimagined elementary school for local businesses). Not to mention making the first successful batch of beer.


In order to achieve success this had to be a collective team effort. Luckily, the management team had a clear vision for the brewery since the beginning. Head Brewer—Darren Baze—most known for his three foot long goat patch (hence the name) was widely known for his natural brewing talents. Since the beginning, Goat Patch embraced local organizations that were making a positive impact on the local community through charity efforts.


Keeping true to the brand promise of local community engagement, Goat Patch has since donated significant sums through Bleating Heart night, their charity token program.

Despite having only been open for a year, Goat Patch took home Bronze in the Great American Beer Festival (2018) for It Takes a Tribe Red Ale—a prestigious and rare award for being such a new brewery.

Thanks to the overwhelming response to the quality craft beers offered, Goat Patch has since become a Colorado Springs favorite which is now tapped in countless bars across the state.