Creative Project


In conjunction with the 36 Days of Type project, I decided to participate in the challenge of creating the entire latin alphabet. Part of my working practice is to constantly be making personal passion-based projects which end up being the catalyst for new creative discoveries.


The primary hurdle of this project was the scope (36 original designs) while simultaneously being a daily project. I planned ahead of time by figuring out the perimeters of my personal creative executions. Including the core symbols, color palette and basic method of achieving my textural based style.


My approach involved a wide range of mixed media. I explored photography, animation, spray paint, india ink, printmaking, ferrofluid, water ink transfers and nearly any other form of mark making to achieve distinct textures in each piece.


Ultra simplified abstract symbols juxtaposed with complex textures.


Refreshed my memory on old techniques and learned new mediums.

Helped being a catalyst for finally launching my YouTube channel.


Behind the Scenes